"Building an Old-fashioned Pole Barn" paperback book by Pa Mac

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It’s one of the most rustic and yet practical outbuildings on the farm, and rests on one of the most rudimentary types of foundations: poles planted vertically in the ground. Next to log structures, a "pole barn" type building can be one of the easiest of outbuildings to construct, and will serve quite well for a number of uses on the small farm or homestead: tool storage, a place for farm repairs . . . and most certainly shelter for livestock.

You’ll find these topics covered in “Building an Old-fashioned Pole Barn”:

• Acquiring pole barn construction materials (from your own homestead)

• Milling your own homemade lumber with a chainsaw and attachments

• Setting the poles and other basic carpentry methods in pole barn construction

• Practical ideas to finish out a pole barn for farm use

• Various other applications for pole barn structures on the small farm or homestead

With all kinds of new pole barn designs and materials on the market these days, some folks desire an outbuilding option that’s both practical and less expensive. In the 63 page “Building an Old-fashioned Pole Barn” paperback book, Pa Mac lays out simple building tips and techniques for the “non-carpenter” farmer or homesteader.

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