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"And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business, and to work with your own hands, as we commanded you."
1 Thessalonians 4:11
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Man is not free unless government is limited.
Ronald Reagan
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"I'll run out of things to do before I run out of pockets on my Round House Overalls." - Pa Mac

Farm Hand's Companion-An Online Companion to the Self-Sufficient Farm or Homestead

Hello there!
Welcome to Farm Hand's Companion.
From articles, posts, and photographs to the Farm Hand's Companion Show (see the latest episode below)...FHC is an online periodical of sorts dedicated to preserving, celebrating, and developing old-fashioned skills of the traditional farm.

Latest Video & Post - Building a Small Log Chicken House

Well, this has been the summer I’ve been hopin’ for: Plenty of rain, plenty of sunshine, and lots of time out in the garden and around the farm. It's all we can do to keep up with a bumper crop of beans (as I’m buildin’ up the soil simultaneous-like…more on that some other time) and the grass is as green as spring in August! The Lord has and is surely blessing us this year. And all of those summer blessings have surely contributed to a slightly later-than-normal next episode of The Farm Hand’s Companion Show. But alas, it's now done.

On the surface, this latest show (episode 10) is quite simple. I had a few chickens that were in need of housing … and they needed it right quick from materials I had on hand. You’re about to see my solution to that dilemma; but in solving that problematic situation, I took the opportunity of this episode to really speak to something just a tad deeper ... an inner conflict that might afflict you or someone you know ... and that is perfectionism.

There's also a companion post with a few more details on the subject of building a simple log chicken house. And if you haven’t, be sure and subscribe to the email update list (just look over and hunt for the subscribe link in the right hand column) and I’ll send an email bulletin on future posts or shows as they become newly viewable.

The Farm Hand's Companion Show with Pa Mac

In a video blog called The Farm Hand's Companion Show, watch serial episodes as I take an undeveloped tract of land and attempt to turn it into a working, traditional farm. Keep up with the progress this year as I'll be clearing land, making some lumber, building a workshop for my tools...and figuring out where to put a few overcrowded chickens. See the latest episode above, or go to The Farm Hand's Companion Show page to watch all episodes. Check back often for the latest shows, or subscribe to get email updates on new shows or posts (up and to the right).

Articles & Photographs About Simple Back to Basics Farming

Gardening, raising livestock, name it...most facets of traditional farm topics will be covered from time to time. Within each of the categories you'll find posts, articles, or pictures that I think you'll like. I'll be posting new ones as often as the farm work permits. So keep checkin' back often for some fresh farm reading!
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